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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. We can confident in taking a lead role in realizing the vision of transfering INDIA into a developed country by sharing it's knowledge base for mutual benefits"




Sir Issac Newton Educational Institutions.


The Universally acclaimed scholastic of our motherland Tiruvalluvar never had the attitude of eulogizing or over emphazing anything in his master piece Thirukurral But he was wonder struck when he thought of the woman-hood found spotless and virtuous on its own accord. In the same line of thinking we can discover many examples not a few but many to substantiate the greatness of woman-hood and its contribution to the welfare and growth of humanity as a whole.

One such modest woman with a longing to set an example to her nearby community in his welfare and rightful growth isTmt.MANIMEGALAIwife of the illustrious son of the soil. Thiru R.THANDAPANI who was the sole cause of establishing a philanthroptic trust in the name and style of Thandapani Pillai and Sons Educational and Charitable Trust,Nagaipattinam ,Tamilnadu on 7th September 2001.

Tmt.Manimegalai who is noted for her simplicity of life and magnanimity of having kindness and sympathy to the downtrodden suffering community bereft of the advantages of having formal education has stipulated that a board constituted as per the regulations of the trust to maintain the corpus fund and pay heed to the development of the fund through only lawful means and establish different institutions such as Arts and Science College ,Polytechnic College ,Engineering College and College of Education besides Teachers Training Institute and Hotel Management in the course of time.

He onerous duty of maintaining the corpus fund of the trust and meticulous planning of the welfare activities for the benefit of younger generation in the rural community in particular fell on the young and indefatigable shoulders of Thiru.T.ANANTH who follows the wishful dictated of his mother and the grace of his father.

  • On line Admissions Open for 2020-2021  https://forms.gle/ZTu61o7q9SeJVg8eA

  • Avail the rare oppurtunity. Do Agriculture with  Multiple technics...Modern approch..Enhance the Farming revenue. Special course available at Sir Issac Newton College of Engineering and Technology. B. E .Agriculture Engineering.

  • We feel proud to share that our second year M.E. CAD/CAM student Mr.S. MURUGESH bagged the 6th position in the Anna University Examinations April/May 2018.

  • It is our immense pleasure to say that we strongly remains FIRST in 16 Districts including Nagai, Tiruvarur and Tanjore in Anna University Examinations April/May 2018.