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The college is situated at Pappakoil on Vellankanni road, Nagapattinam in an area 10 acres. The college provides modern teaching facilities and buildings represented thorough the modern architecture, giving the precinct a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.The infrastructure also includes a state of art air-conditioned computer laboratory with servers and internet facilities and work stations have welding and smithy equipment that provide hands on experience to our engineering students.

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Sir Isaac Newton College of Engineering and Technology has an excellent library for the benefit of Students, Faculties and Researchers. It is one of the best established libraries and has a large collection of books covering various branches of Engineering sciences and Technology as well as Science and Humanities and its related fields. In addition to that, 5 departmental libraries are available which collectively support the teaching and research activities of the Institution. The College Library was started in 2010, and has been functioning in the Main Block of the college. It spreads over 1800 sq. m.


Full-fledged hostel facilities for boys and girls students have been established nearby the college campus. It acts as ”Home away from home” for students from different places. It provides good and safe facilities of boarding and lodging to fulfill the needs of outstation students. The students are monitored with their well being by an efficient warden.


A fleet of 13 buses are operated for the convenience of students and staff coming from Nagapattinam surroundings and it covers almost all the points from the city. Buses ply through every nooks and corners of Nagapattinam, Thiruthuraipoondi, Vedaraniyam, Aayakaranpulam, Kodiyakarai, Sannanallur, Kangalancherry, Thiruvarur, Kachanam, Vaimedu, Kottur etc.


SINCET canteen provides a variety of food prepared by skilled chefs. Management takes special care in providing students hygienic food. Spacious canteen allows with good seating facilities.The dishes prepared here are delicious and nutritious as well. Food items are prepared with RO treated water.


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